The Great Pyramids

Could it be that Eden is following an ancient design handed down to us by extraterrestrials?

According to leaked documents, among several artifacts in Eden's possession allegedly procured during the Big Black, are the lost pyramids of Ancient Egypt! A high ranking Eden Executive known only as Adam who sources place within the Chairman Shiro's inner circle, ordered the pyramids to be relocated stone by stone to a top secret Eden Corp black site. Long surmised to be ancient interstellar structures, the pyramids are thought to contain messages from visitors from beyond the stars.

In the old world, we could only theorize. The pyramids were ancient structures protected by governments and men, blocked off from exploring and discovering the truth. We could only dream of exploring the inner workings and never imagine being able to see them deconstructed! Who knows what esoteric codices are written within!?

Only one man does: Chairman Satoru Shiro!

Eden didn't just emerge relatively unscatched from the Big Black, they erupted from it like a phoenix reborn! Eden Corp soared out of the devastation of the Shinjuku Cataclysm and carried us all on their backs, but how? When the rest of the world fell into chaos and embraced the new dark age, how did Eden create matter replication, consciousness-to-energy transference, and an army of automated artificial intelligence automatons?

The answer is simple. Chairman Shiro has seen the source code of our universe.

While we were all fighting for the last can of beans and AA batteries, Shiro had his top men deciphering the alien language. Now he sits at ease in his tower, handing down what advanced technology he deems us ready to receive!

Which raises the question: what is he keeping from us? It is well-documented that when the Pyramids still stood in Egypt, they were laid out in a careful arrangement that reflected that stars in the sky. Has Chairman Shiro decoded the stellar map? Has he already reached out to our interstellar guides?

What about the interior of the Pyramids? From the outside, they seemed to be stone, but look at the diagrams and blueprints from the old world. Are we to believe the whole was a solid mass with a simple burial chamber? Obviously, more elaborate rooms were hidden within! With the secrets of the teleshifter and replicator! There is simply no way the ancient Egyptians could have ever constructed such a powerful monument with the technology available at the time.

But now... you could probably print a full scale Pyramid using your backyard variety replicator -- and afterwards, teleshift it to precise location to draw a detailed map. But a map to where?