CrackUp Cola

GET CRACK'D with the most popular drink in Neo-Shinjuku!

CrackUp Cola doesn't just quench your thirst, it totally anihillates it!

Now available in four gut-pumping flavors - Psychotic Citrus, Berry Bonkers, Melon Maniac, and the brand new Gaga Grape.

Watson Genomics

For 70 years Watson Genomics has been curing people of their biology. And today, Watson continues to help humanity thrive through its state of the art genome customization techniques and technologies.

Ask your doctor about Watson Genomics and gene re-sequencing!

Humanity Hurts. Watson Can Help.

Parallax Inc.

Pathways 10 continues to revolutionize work, play, and everything between. The brand new Pathways 10 includes new innovations, features, and security capabilities. Pathways 10 also makes it easier than ever to transition from device to device, whether it's your antequated tablets or brand new holospecs, you'll seamlessly be able to continue doing whatever you're doing without missing the skip of a beat.

Update to Pathways 10 now.

Novagena Pharmaceuticals

For more than 100 years, Novagena Pharmaceuticals has provided quality health care products for all. We've been here for you in the past and we'll be here for you in the future, with our relentless commitment to perfected health.

From our mood-adjusting supplements like Sunny Blue to other, more innovative technologies, we're helping you achieve the brain chemistry that works for you and those around you.

Novagena – Perfect Health For All.

Maltan Biotech

Maltan is Rethinking Thinking.

Maltan Biotech is a research and development firm whose mission is to supplement the human mind to increase our cognitive potential. We use that knowledge to devise interventions that enable people to think better and faster. Executing on this mission has required an unprecedented level of interdisciplinary effort.

Imagine the world's greatest working tirelessly around the clock to make your mind all that it can be.

Zaitomo Heavy Tool Concern

Formed during the “Replication Renaissance,” Zaitomo Heavy Tool Concern (ZHTC) uses open source designs initially developed by Eden. Zaitomo modified Eden Synthetics, with an emphasis on cost-effective military and police. Zaitomo's cheap prices and excellent customer service have effectively privatized personal security once and for all, and today, Zaitomo Heavy Tool Concern stands as the official protectors of the PAC (Pan-Asiatic Confluence).

Zaitomo - The Biggest Tools Around.

Ministry of Data

The difference of our new world is a post-scarcity system. There is no longer any need for money-intermediaries and output potential is infinite. We've finally achieved Dr. Hideki Shiro's dream of a better future. One that is not slave to Government or scarcity. And the Ministry of Data is at the forefront of that new world, leading the way.

Administration Without Dictation.

Stratodyne Propulsion Systems

Stratodyne Propulsion Systems designs and manufactures advanced rockets, spacecraft, and the next leap forward in science technology. The company was founded in 2130 to revolutionize life on Earth with the ultimate goal of guiding the future of life on other planets.

Stratodyne - Up Up and Away!

Trans Nippon Airlines

Ever since we become the first Nipponese airline to venture beyond the Pacific Asiatic Confluence, we have been committed to protecting our customers both inside and out of Eden-controlled territories. Our revolutionary tracking system noninvasively chips each of our passengers allowing us to find you no matter where you are in the world.

Trans Nippon Airlines - You're Safe With Us.

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